Securden Privileged Account Manager Features

Dark Web Monitoring

Cybercriminals and other malicious actors extensively use the internet in various illegal ways. Over 3.5 billion breached credentials are exposed online, and this number keeps surging as cyberattacks increase. The number of compromised credentials available on the dark web has risen by 65% since 2020.

80% of all data breaches involve compromised credentials. Attackers, with the identity information present in the dark web, gain access to the target authentication systems.

Despite such an alarming increase in identity-based attacks, users continue to ignore the password security best practices. Some of the poor password management practices include:

  • Reusing passwords across multiple accounts
  • Weak/common passwords
  • Unchanged passwords
  • Easy-to-guess/dictionary words

The frequency of such credential-based attacks increases when poor password hygiene is followed extensively. The easy availability of breached passwords on the dark web only adds to the threat surface, allowing cybercriminals to get into a company's network and compromise its functions. This also exposes other associated networks with the same susceptibility. The only way to combat these growing threats is to enforce strong password management practices and constantly scan the dark web for breached credentials.

Enforcing password management best practices

Here are a few simple measures you can take to make your passwords as secure as possible.

  • Using strong, unique, and complex passwords.
  • Rotating sensitive passwords periodically.
  • Checking for vulnerable and compromised passwords.
  • Using different passwords for different accounts and eliminating password reuse.
  • Enforcing Multi-Factor Authentication.

Administering these steps in an automated manner can prevent hackers from gaining access to your accounts and stealing your information.

Monitoring the dark web

Businesses are obliged to protect their sensitive organizational data and customer information. Incorporating a monitoring system allows companies to implement intelligence into their cyber risk mitigation procedures.

Securden's Dark Web Monitoring feature -

  • Notifies if any of the passwords your users are using have been previously breached.
  • Gives you the list of compromised passwords and measures to replace them with strong and complex ones.
  • It lets you configure periodic monitoring of your passwords for continued protection.
  • Sends email notification alerts if any breached passwords are identified.