Securden Unified PAM Features

Audit And Compliance Reports

Comprehensive Activity Reports

Securden Unified PAM holds a complete database of all the activities related to privileged access across your enterprise. It captures these details automatically in the form of audit trails. These audit trails can help you with what happened, when, and by who. It also allows you to gain security insights with various analytical reports besides providing you with a comprehensive set of audit and compliance reports.

Command Search And Custom Reports

Securden Unified PAM allows you to do a text-based or command-based search and filter specific data from the trails. Securden also allows you to create a custom view and generate a report for further analysis allowing you to view the specific data you require.

Alerts And Notification On Critical Activities

Securden Unified PAM lets you receive alerts upon the occurrence of specific events. For example, when someone deletes a record, you can receive a notification instantly and take corrective action as needed. This helps you stay in control of the situations thus creating a more secure space.

Export Audit Logs

Securden Unified PAM allows you to download and Export audit logs in PDF, CSV, or XLSX format. You can also create a scheduled task to export the reports periodically.

Ensure Compliance

Every organization has to comply with various regulations. Meeting compliance is far less complicated now as Securden Unified PAM provides you a clear view of all the privileged activities in your estate allowing you to take full control when needed. Features such as auto discovery of accounts allows you to demonstrate to the governing bodies that you are proactively taking measures to reduce the risks, protect the privileged credentials and access thus improving the overall security posture of your organization. Moreover, all the activities are logged in audit trails for easy compliance reporting. In the case of violations, the report suggests remedial measures too.

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