Securden Password Vault Features

Inbuilt high availability, database backup

Reliable, uninterrupted access to passwords is critical for business continuity. If a password management solution goes down, it affects all business operations. There should be provisions for data backup to handle unexpected situations like a server crash or other physical damages to machines in addition to continuous availability. Backup and high availability provisions should be easy to implement and maintain.

Configure multiple application servers to standby

Securden Password Vault allows you to configure one or more application servers to serve as secondary servers. When the primary goes down, users can connect to any available instances and get uninterrupted access to data. The secondary application servers could be distributed geographically.

Automatic failover with SQL clustering

If you opt to use MS SQL Server as the backend database, you can configure an always-on cluster and achieve automatic failover. When the primary goes down, users will be automatically connected to another available cluster.

Database backup and quick recovery

You can configure a periodic backup of the entire database and store the backup copies in a secure location. If anything happens to the master installation, you can quickly recover data from the backup copy in a few quick automated steps.

Periodic backup of passwords

As an additional backup option, Securden allows Super Administrators to create a scheduled task for taking a backup of all work accounts in the form of an encrypted HTML file. The encrypted HTML file can be stored in a secure, remote location. When configuring the schedule, a passphrase must be provided, which will be used as the encryption key. The passphrase is not stored anywhere. The file will remain locked and can be viewed only by those who have the passphrase.