Password Vault for Enterprises

Designed for security and crafted for IT teams, password manager lets you centrally store, organize, share, and keep track of all passwords.

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Securden Password Vault For Enterprises

Control ‘who’ can access ‘what’. Audit, monitor, and record all activity. Automate password security best practices. Ensure compliance with standards, reduce security risks.

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Protect, Organize, Manage Passwords

  • Centrally store and organize
  • Discover privileged accounts
  • Share Passwords with the team

Launch One-Click Remote Connections

  • Launch RDH, SSH, SQL connections
  • Web-based connections, native client sessions
  • Autofill credentials on websites

AD, SSO, MFA for Advanced Authentication

  • Active Directory integration for user provisioning, authentication
  • Integrate with any SAML-based SSO solution
  • Integrate with popular MFA tools for two-step verification

Provision Just-in-Time Access with Full Controls

  • Granularly control ‘who’ gets access to ‘what’
  • Grant access without revealing passwords
  • Access approval workflows for just-in-time access

Automate Password Changes, Best Practices

  • Automate periodic password changes
  • Enforce password policies
  • Establish role-based access controls

APIs, Service Accounts, SSH Keys, Secrets

  • APIs to manage application passwords
  • Manage Windows service accounts, dependencies
  • Protect SSH keys, DevOps secrets

Visibility through Audit, Alerts, and Reports

  • Track activities with audit trails
  • Actionable security reports
  • Expiration alerts, events notifications

Simplicity, Access Convenience for Endusers

  • Cross-platform access
  • Mobile access
  • Offline access provisions

Enterprise-ready Capabilities

  • Integrate with SIEM, ticketing systems
  • Inbuilt high availability, database backup
  • Manage large, complex, distributed environments

Simple, Slick, Intuitive

Trusted by businesses of all types and sizes across the globe

Achieve password hygiene. Overcome password fatigue. Stay secure and organized.

Securden redefines the way your organization handles sensitive passwords and lets you collaborate better and smarter.

  • Protection, Visibility and Control

    Securden locks down passwords, access keys, files, and other sensitive data in a central vault and protects them. The reports and logs provide complete visibility on who has access to what data. It also throws light on password hygiene across the organization and helps administrators bolster internal controls.

  • Accountability For Actions

    When sensitive accounts are shared with many users in the team, it becomes difficult to trace actions to an individual. Through centralized access controls, Securden tracks all access to shared accounts and activities can be directly traced to individuals.

  • Improved IT Productivity

    The decentralized way of password management leads to system lockouts, forgotten passwords, password fatigue, and results in frustration for employees. Users may circumvent by using simple passwords or reuse the same password everywhere. Securden removes all these hurdles and seamlessly enforces password hygiene and improves productivity.

Product Highlights

The whole idea of password management made refreshingly simple, secure, efficient, reliable, and affordable.

Strongest Encryption

All your sensitive data are protected with advanced encryption standard.

Securden handles your passwords and other critical data with extreme security. Sensitive data are encrypted using AES-256, the strongest known, military-grade algorithm.

Each installation is guarded by a unique encryption key. In production instances, the encryption key will be forced to be kept outside the installation. The idea is not to allow the encryption key and encrypted data to stay together. The backup data of Securden database is also equally guarded. Without the encryption key, the backup data cannot be deciphered.

In addition, SSL/TLS has been enforced on all connections / communication, which ensures end-to-end, complete encryption.

Role-based Access Controls

Restrict access to credentials and functions of Securden application based on user roles.

Every team member or group in your organization will have varying requirements. Securden provides role-based access controls to grant access to passwords strictly based on their job requirements.

The role-based access to credentials is further strengthened with fine-grained controls. Access permission could vary from full access to just view/edit passwords and in extreme cases, access with hidden passwords.

At the application level, the ability to add accounts, create and manage users, enforce password policy, export data, and change settings can all be controlled through roles.

Password Generator

Define complexity rules and create strong, unique, random passwords.

Data breaches often occur due to weak passwords. Assigning strong, unique, random passwords across all IT assets and applications will help in mitigating this crucial security vulnerability.

Securden offers provision to create password policies that define complexity requirements. Securden also archives old passwords. Your password policy could even prevent reuse of old passwords. Password age could also be defined, beyond which the expiration alerts could be generated.

The password generator that comes with Securden generates strong passwords based on the policy defined. The random passwords would be virtually impossible to guess. You can assign the complex passwords to the IT assets and securely lock them down in the vault.

Two-Factor Authentication

Add an additional layer of security by enforcing a second authentication factor.

Software applications that require two or more successive authentication factors to grant rightful access are difficult to break.

By enforcing users to authenticate through two successive stages to access their Securden account, you can successfully prevent any possible accidental or intentional unauthorized access to Securden. Securden's native authentication or Active Directory authentication serves as the primary authentication mechanism.

Additionally, users can be forced to authenticate through Google Authenticator or verification code sent to their email address as the second authentication factor. You can selectively enforce any option as the second authentication factor for different users as required.

Redundancy and Backup

Protect against the unexpected with database backup and redundancy.

Unexpected downtime or system crash could take a heavy toll on the business continuity and data security of any organization.

Securden comes with a robust redundancy architecture allowing you to have primary and secondary application servers. If the primary server goes down, users can seamlessly connect to the secondary server and get uninterrupted access to credentials.

It also comes with provision for periodic backup of the database and a smart recovery manager that takes care of a quick recovery in the unlikely event of a database crash.

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